Communication Card

Communication Cards
With a growing church, communication can become a challenge.  To help eliminate this issue, there are communications cards that come inside your bulletin.  Have a question?  Want to make a comment?  Want to volunteer for a ministry?  Are you new and want to let us know you are here?  Fill out the communication card with your questions, comments and info and we will get back with you if you request.

We prefer that you put your name on the communication card…  And we promise that we will not show up at your door or call you unless you specifically ask us to.

If you are new to GNG, fill out your name and info and turn the communication card in to the Welcome Center and they will give you a free information packet with a free gift.



Prayer List
If you would like a prayer list, stop by the Welcome Center where you can pick up a printed up-to-date copy of the prayer list.  If you would like to place someone or yourself on the prayer list, please fill out a communication card and fill out the area designated for the prayer list.  Fill out your name and place the communication card in one of the jars at the back of the auditorium.




Recycle Bulletins
We are trying to eliminate waste here at GNG and as a result, we ask that if you are going to toss out your bulletin after the Sunday service, instead place the bulletin on one of the tables in the back of the auditorium where they can be collected and recycled.  If you want to keep it, that is totally 100% fine with us also and we encourage you to do so.  But if you are not planning on keeping it, please help us by recycling them.  Also, if you are not going to use your communication card, please do the same… drop it on one of the tables in the back of the auditorium.


You can also go to the “Events Page” to add one of the above events to your personal calendar.  Click the link then open one of the events of your choice.  At the bottom of the event will be a drop down menu where you can add the event to your own personal calendar.  Events Page Link


July 2nd
July is the God On Film month the whole month of July.  Each week each lesson is based on principles from a new movie.  Click here for more info.

July 2nd: Despicable Me 3: Who Am I?
July 9th: Wonder Woman: Who Am I as a Woman of God?
July 16th: The Circle: Who Am I When No One is Looking?
July 23rd: Spiderman Homecoming: Who Am I Made to Serve?
July 30th: Champion: Who Am I When I’m Hurting?


Church Wide LIFE Group Study
July 2nd
This summer, during the month of July, we are doing a Church-Wide LIFE Group Study on five Old Testament Prophets called, MESSENGERS FROM THE PAST. These prophets lived over 2500 years ago, but their messages still resonate today..  Click here for more info.




July 9th @12:30pm.
Helps you discover your God given gifts and how to GIVE of your time and talents to serve God and others.


CLASS 401 (GO)
July 23rd @12:30pm.
Equips you to GO into the world and share the Good News of Jesus with others.