What do we value at Good News Gathering? CORE VALUE NO. 5 – SERVICE, and CORE VALUE NO. 6 - EXCELLENCE


Go to page 13 in your CLASS 101 syllabus and take a few moments to read the Scriptures listed under Core Value No. 5 and No. 6.  Consider carefully the story found in Mark 2:1-12 and Luke 5:17-25.  Try to imagine the scene.

Jesus is in the second year of His three-year ministry.  His reputation as a teacher and a healer has spread across Palestine.  The common people are attracted to Him.  The religious establishment isn't sure what to do with Him.  His teaching is like a breath of fresh air in a religion mired in rituals and rules.  His miracles simply can't be denied.  So, a religious summit meeting is held and Jesus is the focus.  Pharisees and teachers of the law from every village in Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem gather to observe Jesus in action.  The house in which they meet is so jammed that no one else can get in.

But outside the house are four men who are determined to get their friend to Jesus.  Why?  Because he's paralyzed, and they believe Jesus can heal him.  Due to the crowd, they can't get in the house.  What are their options?

  • Option No. 1 – QUIT

They could decide that it's impossible to get their friend to Jesus.  So, they might as well go home.  Or they could think, "Jesus is in an important meeting with important people.  We'd better not interrupt."

  • Option No. 2 – WAIT

They could decide to wait outside and hope Jesus would pass by them when the meeting ended.

  • Option No. 3 - DO SOMETHING

These guys want to get their friend to Jesus so badly that quitting and waiting aren't options.  Instead, they have a "whatever it takes" attitude.  So, they hoist their paralyzed friend onto the roof of the house.  They dig a hole in the roof and lower him down right in front of Jesus.  And before long, he's walking.   

Consider how far these guys were willing to go to get their friend to Jesus.  First, they carried him on a mat to the house, but they couldn't get in.  Second, they thought outside the box.  Most people would never consider lifting a paralyzed person onto a roof.  Third, they were willing to take a risk.  And fourth, they carried out the task with excellence, i.e. they dug through the roof at precisely the right place to lower their friend right in front of Jesus.

At GNG, our attitude must be like that of the four friends.  Quitting or waiting can't be options.  We must adopt a "whatever it takes" attitude regarding connecting people to Christ.  That will require us to think outside the box, to take risks, and to serve with excellence.  But how could we do any less when eternity hangs in the balance?  Remember, every person on planet earth will spend eternity somewhere.  It's our privilege to reach out to as many of them as possible with the Good News of God's love.