3 Things to Consider When Asking God Something

Let’s look at the third aspect of Jesus’ Model Prayer:


As we learned on page 7 of the CLASS 201 book, the key in asking for God’s provision is   to be specific.  However, asking for God’s provision assumes the following:

  1. That God, as my Creator, knows me better than I know myself.
  2. That God, as my Provider, is better able to determine what I really need than I am.
  3. That God, in His infinite wisdom, may answer my prayer requests with a “Yes, a “No”, or a “Not Now”.  Whichever answer I receive will be for my good.

Take time to write down the prayer requests you have for God today.  Be specific.  If you have begun keeping a journal, write them in your journal.  Or, if you prefer, use Prayer Guide No. 2 on page 10 of your CLASS 201 book.  Keeping a written track of my prayer requests enables me to better see God’s involvement in my life.  It is inspiring and encouraging when we look back and see the many prayers that God has answered.  It’s a reminder of His love for us.  Keeping a journal of our prayer requests is a small task in time and effort, but it’s huge in reward.

As you pray today, be reminded that God hears you and He cares for you.