The following perspectives will help strengthen you as you grow in this daily life-producing habit.  Today, we’ll start with two.


The first problem in establishing a Quiet Time will face you the moment you wake-up each morning.  Am I going to get out of bed a few minutes early to do this?

Or, if you decide to schedule your Quiet Time at another time in the day, will you block everything else out?


For example:

  1. If you’re going to do your Quiet Time first thing in the morning, will you go to bed on time?  Or do you find yourself watching late night TV and then over-sleeping?
  2. Will you get up immediately?  The snooze button will be your worst enemy. And don’t try to have your Quiet Time in bed.  Chances are, you’ll fall back to sleep.
  3. Will you get thoroughly awake?  Maybe you take your shower first and you’re your Quiet Time with a good cup of coffee.
  4. If you’re going to do your Quiet Time at another time in the day, will you set a regular time and keep it?  Fitting it in whenever it’s convenient typically means it won’t happen. It just keeps getting put off.



Let’s be honest, we have an adversary.  Satan will use anything to get your mind to wander during your time with God.  So, you have to push back against anything that will divert your attention from your time with God.

For example:

  1. Will you eliminate distractions?  Will you turn-off or silence your phone, e-mail, computer, radio, TV?  Will you ask others in your home or office to give you uninterrupted time to connect with God?
  2. Will you keep a journal to help you slow down and focus on God?  Writing down your thoughts, prayers and observations from Scripture is a great way to stay focused.

Today, focus on having the discipline to do the things necessary to have your Quiet Time.  Also, be prepared to battle the distractions that Satan will use to keep you from spending time with God.



“Father, I realize that I was created to have fellowship with You.  Thank you for making this privilege possible through Jesus’ death.  I know that daily fellowship with You is to be the most important thing in my life.  I now want to commit myself to spending at least some time every day with You in a Quiet Time of Prayer and Bible Study.  I’m trusting in Your strength to help me be consistent.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


I’m praying that God will empower you to discipline yourself to have a daily Quiet Time and to overcome any distractions that might come your way.