Are you asking the right questions?

Go back and look at the names you listed on your Circle of Influence.  Think for a moment about each of those people.  They’re different, aren’t they?  They’re probably different ages, genders, phases of life, educational levels.  Their life experiences are undoubtedly very different.  Some may have prior church experience.  Some may not.

The point is – each person we reach out to is UNIQUE.  Fact is, some people are more receptive to the Good News of Jesus than others.  If we’re going to be effective in INVESTING we have to recognize where people are and then help them take the next step toward Christ.

Most un-churched and de-churched people fit into one or more of the following categories:  Cynical, Skeptical, Spectator or Seeker.  I’ve arranged these four categories into a chart that includes the common characteristics of people in each category, how best to INVEST in them, and additional investment tools or resources that may be helpful.

Download the chart here.

You’ll notice that all of the How to Invest suggestions are the same except No. 5 – ASK.  Remember, part of INVESTING is discovering their story.  So asking questions is a critical part of the process.  At some point, our questions must explore why they are where they are on their spiritual journey.

So, look through the chart and think about the people in your Circle of Influence.   Would you describe them as Cynical, Skeptical, Spectators or Seekers?  Do you know them well enough to say?