5 Easy Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Today I want to walk you through an exercise using the Circle of Influence chart you filled out last week.  I also want you give you five easy tips on how to share your faith within your Circle of Influence.

Go back to the Circle of Influence Chart you filled-out last week.  Take the first name from each quadrant of the Circle and write it down in the column under the word NAME.  Then think about each person and in the RECEPTIVITY LEVEL column write Cynic, Skeptic, Spectator, Seeker or put a ? if you’re not sure.

In the COMMON GROUND column write down the things you have in common with each person.  These could include:

-    Same line of work

-    Kids the same age

-    Similar recreational interests

-    Neighbor

-    Family member

-    Similar music or movie tastes

-    Similar religious background

-    Kids play on same sports team

-    Both love to read

-    Involved in same club or civic organization

The NEXT STEPS column is divided into two sections.  First, think of some steps you might take to deepen your relationship with each person you listed.  For example:

  • Time:   can you figure out a way to fit more time with that person into your schedule (invite them over for a cook-out or to watch a ballgame)
  • Serve:  is there some way that you can serve them or help them with a project (help them build a deck, mow their yard while they are on vacation, shovel the snow on their sidewalk)
  • Ask:    think of some questions that might prompt them to open-up about their life’s journey


Write down your ideas.

The second section of the NEXT STEPS column involves moving the relationship in a spiritual direction.  For example:

  1. Pray:  for opportunities to discuss spiritual topics and ask the Holy Spirit to enable you to discern when the time is right
  2. Share:  a book or a resource on a topic of interest to them
  3. Invite:  check your lesson series brochure and invite them during a series that may interest them or to a Bridge Event
  4. Research:  if they have questions, do your research and then get back to them as quickly as possible
  5. Inform:  tell them Your story and His story.  Help them see the difference between going to church and having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Write down your ideas and then go back and pray through the chart.  Pray for each person by name and pray for opportunities to impact them.  Then get to work on the Next Steps you listed.