Are you ready to share your faith?

When you have INVESTED in a relationship with an un-churched or de-churched person, at some point God will give you the opportunity to take the conversation in a spiritual direction. Let me give you two pieces of advice:



Each of us has a God-given personality and a natural way that we interact with others.  Don’t try to change who you are because you are “witnessing”.  If you’ve been a Christian very long, you’ve probably met someone who believes they have to be more aggressive, more verbal, more expressive, more dynamic, more whatever, in order to point someone else to Christ.  It’s simply not true.  In fact, operating outside our God-given personality typically comes across as fake or forced.

For example, when I was in high school the church I attended decided to start a bus ministry.  The idea was to go door-to-door asking people if they would come to our church and we would provide transportation to and from.  So I spent several Saturday mornings canvassing neighborhoods with my prepared sales pitch.

Needless to say, it wasn’t effective.  We irritated some folks (remember, it was early Saturday morning), we interrupted some folks (remember, we weren’t invited), and we got threatened by one person (who stated his intention to forcibly remove our pastor from his porch).

But there’s an even bigger reason why I wasn’t successful at this type of outreach.  I’m an INTROVERT.  I tend to be uncomfortable meeting new people for the first time.  Worse yet, I couldn’t sell a free week at Disney World to a family with small children.  But there I was trying to be successful making cold calls.  Chances are, I was so uncomfortable I made them uncomfortable.  No wonder I didn’t get a single soul on that bus.

The point is – GOD CREATED US UNIQUE.  Be careful about operating outside your God-given personality.  And when He places us in a position to impact someone for Him, we’ll do just fine just the way we are.  So, let your contact with people far from God ebb and flow in sync with your authentic self.  Don’t try to force every interaction into an on- the-spot conversion.  God may be using you to help this person take one of many steps toward Christ.  Which brings us to my second suggestion:



Our success in sharing Christ with others is not based on the number of people we baptize at GNG.  Our success is determined by how attuned we are to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and whether or not we follow His lead.  Our role is to plant seeds as often as possible and to water them whenever we can.  But only God is responsible for whether or not they grow.  We have no control over that.

So, when you get a prompting from the Holy Spirit respond immediately.  See where He takes your willingness to reach out.  You may be involved in that person’s first step toward faith.  You may involved in turning a Cynic into a Skeptic, or a Spectator into a Seeker.  You may have the privilege of being involved at that moment when they step across the line of faith.  You never know.  So, play whatever role the Holy Spirit prompts you to play and leave the rest up to God.

It’s exciting.  It’s an adventure.  The stakes are eternal.  Can you imagine anything more significant that you could be involved in?

I can’t.