What Does Every GNG Leader Embody? (Day 4)


Thirdly, GNG leaders Embody our Purpose and our Framework. These provide the structure for fulfilling our Purpose and Vision.  Our six core Values capture the mindset with which we approach leadership:

1.     Grace

2.     Outreach

3.     Growth

4.     Groups

5.     Service

6.     Excellence

I would encourage you to re-read the definitions of these terms found on pages 6-7 of your PREP 1 book.

While our Values capture the mindset, our Framework describes the process by which we develop people into Fully Functioning Followers of Christ.

GET and GROW, as represented by the inward arrow, focus on the individual’s personal spiritual development.  GIVE and GO, as represented by the outward arrow, focus on Christ’s call to share the Good News with others through service and outreach.


Our Values and our Framework are essential to the fulfillment of Christ’s call upon the GNG Family.  That’s why we cover them in detail in the CLASS Series.  They must be modeled by GNG leaders.  And they must be communicated by our leaders to our volunteers.


If you know anyone in your ministry who has not taken the CLASS Series, please encourage them to sign-up.



The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.