What is the IRAC Method for solving problems?

In order to help GNG leaders and volunteers Embody GNG’s SF and PVVF, we teach the IRAC Method.  IRAC is a method by which we address issues, questions or problems.  IRAC stands for:


Issue:                         Grasp the issue, question or problem

Rule:                           Determine the appropriate authority

Application:              Apply the Rule to the Issue

Conclusion:               Draw a Conclusion and act upon it


The two most critical aspects of IRAC are the R and the C.  Most people know when they are facing an Issue, question or problem.  They may want to ignore it or wish they didn’t have to deal with it, but they know it’s there.  And it typically doesn’t take a genius to Apply the Rule to whatever Issue they’re addressing.  In fact, 90 -95% of all Issues in an organization could be solved easily if everyone agreed on the Rules.  But when the Rules are in doubt, decision making becomes difficult or directionless.


At GNG the Rules are the Bible, our Statement of Faith and our PVVF. These are the authorities by which Issues are addressed.  But Applying the Rules to the Issue means nothing if we fail to draw a Conclusion that we act upon.  I’ve been in far too many Churches where the leaders knew they were facing a critical Issue.  They Agreed upon the Rules and Applied them to the Issue.  They even drew a Conclusion – they knew what they needed to do for the good of the Church.  But they couldn’t act.  Perhaps they were afraid that everyone wouldn’t agree with their decision.  Perhaps they worried that making a hard call might appear “unkind” or “insensitive”.  Perhaps they were concerned about how a major donor would react.  Or, perhaps they were simply too gutless to pull the trigger.


Whatever the reason, Churches flounder when leaders fail to act in accord with their Rules.  That’s why at GNG, leaders and volunteers must Embody GNG’s SF and PVVF.



The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.