What does Radical Ownership mean?

The second word in the R portion of our SERVE Model of leadership is Ownership:  Radical Ownership And Accountability.  “Radical Ownership” implies that GNG leaders are “thoroughgoing, extreme, ­­­­drastic, fanatical” in their ownership of their ministry.

In other words, leaders take full responsibility for:

Understanding the ministry’s mission

Developing strategies for fulfilling that mission

Recruiting and training volunteers to carry out the mission

Evaluating the ministry’s performance

Seeking continual improvement


Because they take Radical Ownership of their ministry, leaders are never content with the status quo.  “Good enough” rarely is.  Continuous improvement is the name of the game in any successful ministry.


Radical Ownership also means that leaders take responsibility for problems within their ministry, poor performance and lack of results.  Accepting full responsibility, rather than passing the buck or assigning blame, forces leaders to focus on solving the problems, correcting poor performance, and achieving better results.


Radical Ownership does not mean being possessive of the ministry.  Leaders understand that, “It’s not about me.”  Thus, they recruit, train and unleash those who can lead the ministry.  Remember, our goal is to create a leadership culture at GNG – A leadership culture exists when leaders are routinely and systematically developed and we have a SURPLUS of leaders.



The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.