What is the IRAC Method for solving problems?

Yesterday we explored the idea that GNG leaders take Radical Ownership of their ministry’s mission.  They must own the goal their ministry is designed to achieve.  But there’s another aspect of Radical Ownership.  In order for GNG to reach its redemptive potential, each ministry must excel at execution.  GNG leaders must be radically committed to the ministry’s HOW:

How do we do this ministry?

How do we best achieve the ministry’s mission?

How many volunteers are needed to achieve the mission?

How many resources (physical assets, time, money, etc.) are needed to achieve the mission?

How long will our current method of operation remain effective?

How could we improve in order to better achieve the mission?

How can we reach more people for Christ through this ministry?

These questions are constantly being asked by leaders who take Radical Ownership of their ministry.  They understand that grand mission statements and lofty goals crash and burn without a fanatical focus on execution.

To excel at execution, leaders build their ministries on systems, not personality.  Systems are replicable.  Personality is not.  GNG cannot have ministries that only achieve excellence because a certain person is present.  Ministries that rise or fall on the availability of one person WILL FALL.  Thus, our goal is to build a three-deep leadership bench in every ministry.


The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.