Dealing with Under-performance as a leader

Radical Ownership and Accountability requires leaders to take responsibility for leading the members of their ministry Team. This includes recruiting, envisioning, training and overseeing the Team.

But what does a leader do when a Team member underperforms (e.g., arrives late or unprepared) or fails to perform (e.g., no show/no call)? Granted, ministry leaders work with unpaid volunteers. But the fact that they are volunteers does not mean that underperformance or a failure of performance should not be addressed. If Jesus really is the hope of the world, then underperformance or non-performance hurts our ability to impact people for Christ. Eternity is on the line.

Radical Ownership and Accountability requires leaders to ask these questions when dealing with underperformance or non-performance:

  1. Is it the result of lack of vision? If the volunteer does not grasp the importance of his/her role, then the leader must re-envision that volunteer.
  2. Is it the result of poor training? If so, the leader must re-train so that the volunteer clearly understands what’s expected.
  3. Is this ministry a poor fit for this volunteer? If so, the leader must help the volunteer find a different role that better suits the volunteer’s SHAPE (which we cover in CLASS 301). The right fit may be another role within the ministry or a role in a different ministry.


       Radical Ownership and Accountability is hard. But GNG will not reach its redemptive potential without it.


The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.