What is the SHAPE of your team?

Valuing Relationships enables the leader to become familiar with each Team member’s unique SHAPE.  As we learn in CLASS 301, God molds His followers with a one-of-a-kind combination of the following:

Spiritual gifts

Heart (passion)




Each Team member comes to the Team with their SHAPE.  And leaders take time to discover this in order to deploy their Team members most effectively.  For example, assigning an extreme introvert to be a doors greeter is not likely to be effective.  That person will be uncomfortable.  And their discomfort will extend to those coming through the door.  However, an extreme introvert may be well suited to help administrate the Greeter ministry by creating the serving schedule.

If God continues to bless GNG with growth, more and more attention will have to be focused upon:

  1. SHAPE

As we prepare to add a third service, it will become increasingly difficult for volunteers to serve in several different ministries.  The sheer number of volunteers, the number of ministries we perform, and the fact that a third service may be on a different day will require volunteers to specialize.  Our volunteers will need to focus on:

  1. PRIMARY MINISTRY – the ministry that matches a volunteer’s SHAPE and occupies the vast majority of their time, energy and attention
  2. SECONDARY MINISTRY – the ministry in which a volunteer serves on a “as needed” basis that does not conflict with their Primary Ministry

The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.