4 Steps to making the invitation


Once a leader has IDENTIFIED a potential leader, the leader must INVITE them to begin the leadership development process.  You have to make the ASK.  The following is a simple process for making the INVITATION:



Meet face-to-face with the potential leader and let them know that you have been observing their service for some time.  Based upon their positive performance, you’re asking them to prayerfully consider whether God is calling them to another level of service.



Ask them to begin serving directly with you in order to observe what your leadership role entails.  They don’t have to commit to become a leader.  You are not leaving your leadership role.  They are simply committing to the process of discovering the role of the leader.



Give them a definite time frame (e.g. one week/two weeks) to pray, discuss it with their family, ask questions.



If they are willing to start the leadership development process, then we will cover the Next Steps in our remaining emails.  If they say “No,” IDENTIFY another potential leader and begin the process again.



The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.