How to equip leaders to lead


When a potential leader agrees to begin the leadership development process, the leader must Equip them.  In order to Equip, the leader must:


  1. INVEST In The Potential Leader

The leader must INVEST time and energy in the potential leader because the success of the leadership development process depends heavily on the relationship between them.  The leader must cast the vision of GNG and the ministry.  And the leader’s wisdom and experience gained over time in the ministry is a valuable resource for the potential leader.



The leader must convey not only the WHAT (“This is WHAT we do.”), the HOW (“This is HOW we do it.”), and the WHEN (“This is WHEN we do it.”), but also the WHY (“This is WHY we do it.”).  This takes time and is most effective when it’s “on the job training” – when the potential leader observes the leader “on the job.”


When appropriate, the leader must Empower the potential leader to lead.  The leader must strategically delegate leadership opportunities so that the potential leader can practice what they have learned.  Typically, it’s wise to begin by delegating only part of the leader’s tasks and evaluating the potential leader’s performance.


This is where GNG’s core values of Service and Excellence must be carefully balanced.  Will the potential leader immediately be as excellent as the leader at the delegated tasks?  Probably not.  We have to give people opportunities to learn and grow.  There is a minimum level of performance that must be met in order to achieve our value of excellence.  But if only the leader can perform with excellence, then no one else can fill that role.  Remember, it’s not “Either Excellence Or Service.”  It’s “Both Excellence And Service.”



The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.