Thank you for volunteering in the ministry of God’s Kingdom at GNG.  And thank you for attending PREP 1 and participating in these daily e-mails.  My hope and prayer is that you are growing as a servant through these experiences.

Remember why we do the PREP series and why it’s so important for many GNG leaders and volunteers to attend.  Our goal is to create a leadership culture at GNG.  We define a leadership culture as follows:


A leadership culture exists when leaders are routinely

and systematically developed and we have a surplus

of leaders.


The word “routinely” indicates that leadership development is a habit.  It’s not an afterthought.  It’s what we do.   It’s just how we automatically operate.  The word “systematically” implies that leadership development is intentional.  We’ve thought through it and we have a system for it.

What happens when we “routinely and systematically” develop leaders?  The result is a “surplus” of “ready now” leaders.  Leaders who are ready to step in and lead as the need requires.

If God continues to bless us with growth, GNG will need a “surplus” of leaders.  God has been bringing people to us in record numbers, and GNG leaders and volunteers must be ready to SERVE these people to the best of their God-given ability.  A lost and hurting world needs a Church ready to SERVE.  The world at its worst, needs GNG at its best.


The Only Thing Limiting GNG’s Future Is The Number Of Leaders We Can Develop.