The Bible Patch is designed for children ages 0-5, and is divided into three separate age-appropriate classrooms (0-2, 2’s & 3’s, 4’s & 5’s). All children must be checked in and out of the area with our secure check in system. Check in kiosks are located on both sides of the children’s area in the atrium.  You will need to check in your children at one of these stations before bringing them into the children’s area.

After checking in your children, bring them to the child reception desk located through the doorway labeled “Children’s Area” which is to the left in the atrium. Children will only be released to the adult(s) listed in the check in system.

To ensure your child is safe, all GNG volunteers in the Bible Patch must complete a risk management training and submit to a background check. In addition, all rooms in the children’s area are equipped with a video monitoring system. The system records all activities in the rooms. The child reception area is equipped with a monitor that shows what is happening in each room if you would like to come back to check on your child during the service.

The nursery area at GNG is designed to be a safe place for children ages 0-2. In addition to a learning center, the nursery does feature a crib room to allow your child to rest if needed. While learning through art and music, your child will be introduced to God’s Word.

The 2’s & 3’s and 4’s and 5’s rooms are both equipped with learning centers and craft areas. Both rooms also feature private restrooms that are specially designed for kids (i.e. tiny toilets).

The nursery/preschool area is available for children beginning at 8:45 am for the first service and at 10:30 am for the second service. Pick-up begins immediately after the adult worship service ends; the area is staffed until every child has been picked-up.

If you have any questions about the Bible Patch, please contact the GNG office at 393-5383.