Churches are big groups of people. It’s intimidating to walk into church with a bunch of people you don’t know. And it’s easy to just find a seat and remain anonymous. Problem is, connecting with other Christians is a vital component of spiritual growth. That’s what LIFE Groups are for. They are small groups of people that hang out, read the Bible, spend time together, eat together, share common interests, or just enjoy being around one another. If you haven’t ever been a part of a LIFE Group before, you should check one out.

At GNG, we believe our LIFE Groups are the life blood of our church. As we grow bigger, it’s important that we keep growing smaller, too. In other words, we have to keep developing more small groups to serve the people who attend.

One way that we help offer people the opportunity to get involved in LIFE Groups is through our Church-Wide LIFE Group Studies. Once or twice a year, all the GNG LIFE Groups take a few weeks to study the same thing, and make an intentional effort to welcome any new members that are interested in joining in.

This summer, during the month of July, we are doing a Church-Wide LIFE Group Study on five Old Testament Prophets called, MESSENGERS FROM THE PAST. These prophets lived over 2500 years ago, but their messages still resonate today.

The prophets we’re studying this summer are as follows:

Week One: Jeremiah

Week Two: Ezekiel

Week Three: Daniel

Week Four: Zephaniah

Week Five: Haggai

If you want to try out a LIFE Group, it’s only a 5-week commitment, and we think you’ll make some awesome friends in the process. So, come check out a group, have some fun, and learn a little about some Old Testament prophets along the way.