Jesus once spoke about how his true followers would treat even “the least of these” (meaning, the poor, the sinful, and the vulnerable) with respect, love, and dignity. It was both a recognition of the kind of heart that true Jesus-followers should have, and a call for his church to be a place of deep compassion for those outside our four walls, whether they follow Jesus or not. We can’t be distant and disconnected from the needs of our local community and say we are succeeding in our God-given mission to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our world.

At GNG, we take that call seriously. That is why, twice a year, GNG gathers in donations of clothing, toys, school supplies, and other items from within our church family, and from the community, and gives them all away with no cost and no strings attached. It’s something that we call the Free Sale.

In August, we have a Back-to-School Free Sale where we give away hundreds of bookbags, as well as loads of school supplies, new and gently-used clothes, and household goods.

And in December, we pull out all the stops for our Christmas Free Sale. We not only give away new and gently used clothes, but gifts for children and adolescents. Children get to shop for their parents in a safe, child-friendly environment complete with background-checked volunteers, and parents shop for their children from a wide assortment of free gifts, games, toys, etc. There is also free food and drinks available for those who come.