• We believe that God’s love and grace are available to all and should be demonstrated by GNG. Therefore, each member must accept God’s grace and extends it to others. 
  • We believe that fully functioning followers are committed to growing in Christlikeness.  We further believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that culturally relevant communication of God’s Word is the basis for life change and spiritual growth. Therefore, each member developing Christ-like priorities, Christ-like character and Christ-like actions. 
  • We believe that small groups provide a powerful environment for spiritual growth. 
  • The goal:  each member engaged in authentic community, spiritual transformation, discipleship, vulnerability, and gracious accountability.
  • We believe that fully functioning followers emulate Christ’s example of selfless service.
  • The goal:  servant leaders equipping each member for gift-based, team oriented service.
  • We believe that fully functioning followers give their very best to God.
  • The goal:  each member applying themselves diligently to produce high quality, innovative and cutting edge ministry.
  • We believe that all people matter to God and thus all people must matter to GNG. Therefore, each member must develop Christ’s passion for lost people and, as a result, engaging in relational evangelism.