Before you get started with setting up your online giving profile, please read the following carefully.

On the following page you will be asked to enter your “Good News Gathering Inc Account #,” this is simply an alpha-numeric username that you will use to log into your account (i.e. joesmith987). The username is your choice, but be sure to remember it as you will need it anytime you want to make a change to your account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration.

You will be given the option to set-up the system to make reoccurring payments on your behalf. The frequencies include a one time gift, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly (once every two months). You also will have the option of having withdrawals taken from a checking or saving account or a credit card.

If you have any questions during the sign-up process feel free to contact our Financial Team via email or call the church office 937-393-5383.

Click the Green Button below to get started.  You will then be taken the company that handles our online giving.

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Will I have full control over my account?

Yes! Once you create a profile you will have complete control over your account. You will be able to change bank accounts or credit cards, delete transactions, set future dates of a withdrawal, change the amount and frequency of your gift, and update your address and contact information.


Can I give more than once a month?

Yes. Although your options are to give weekly or monthly, you can set up to give more than once a month. For example, if you would like to have withdrawals on the 1st and 15th of each month, all you need to do is set up two reoccurring monthly withdrawals. One you would set-up on the 1st and the second transaction you would be set-up on the 15th. You would select the monthly button for each transaction.


Is it safe to give online?

Every effort is made to keep your information safe. Good News Gathering contracts with an outside ACH and credit card processor called Magic-Wrighter. Magic-Wrighter provides electronic payments services to over 4,000 businesses, 500 municipalities, 100 churches and charitable organizations, 500 financial institutions and 5,000 schools. The company was established in 1982 and is the oldest full service ACH provider for ODFIs, RDFIs and originators. There data center meets PCI/DSS requirements for credit card services and is rated as a Level I service provider. They meet or exceed NACHA requirements for ACH transaction processing and provide financial institutions with annual Risk Assessment, SSAE-16 SOC-1 Type II and NACHA audits.


Am I able to designate my giving?

No. Good News Gathering has elected not to allow you to designate to a certain account through the online system. If you need to make special payments such as Haiti Child Sponsorship payments or payments to the Building People campaign, please make arrangements with the Financial Team.


Do I have to make a payment today if I set-up my account?

No. You will be asked to enter your account information at the time of signing-up but you have the option to have the withdrawal made at a future date.


Who has access to my information?

The only people at Good News Gathering that will have access to your account information will be our Financial Director, Jeff Boike, and our Treasurer, Cheryl Walker. If you need assistance making changes to your online profile, you will be put in touch with either Jeff Boike or Cheryl Walker. The staff at GNG never has access to any contributor’s information.