WHAT TO EXPECT If you are new to GNG, or are thinking about coming to visit us, we would like to first say ‚ÄúWelcome.‚ÄĚ Trying out a new church can be frightening, but at GNG we try to make it a great experience

First, we would like to highlight a couple of things about GNG

1.  One of our slogans is "Come As You Are" and we truly mean it. No matter your past, no matter what you wear, no matter where you are in your journey toward Christ, there is a place for you at GNG.

2.  We want you to experience GNG at your own pace. We won't make you stand up in front of everyone or tell us who you are when you visit. We do ask for you to fill out a communication card with your contact information, but we promise we will not show up at your house or call you! We will simply send you either an email or letter in the mail thanking you for coming.

3.  We aren't the perfect church! We know that GNG is not the place for everyone. We know that we will make mistakes, but we hope we can grow from them. We are simply a group of Christ followers trying to make a difference in our community and around the world.

Being the size that we are, it can be difficult to get to know everyone. That is why one of our core values is groups. At GNG we encourage everyone to get involved in a LIFE Group. LIFE Groups generally consist of 10 or less people that do life together. Be sure to check out the different LIFE Groups available.

Be sure to stop by the "Welcome Center" in the Ministry Center (located to the right as you enter the facility) and simply ask if you have any questions. We hope that you will visit soon.

Below, we will answer some of the common questions you may have before your visit.

What Type Of Church Is Good News Gathering?

We are an non-denominational church with people from all backgrounds (no church affiliation, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.). Whether you’ve been attending church for years or this is your first time, you’ll feel welcome at Good News Gathering.

When Are Our Services?

We have two identical services every Sunday.  One at 9:00 am and one at 10:45 am.  Each service lasts about 75 minutes, and you should arrive about 15 minutes early if you have children. That will give you plenty of time to check them in to the children's area before the service begins.  The worship band starts playing a few minutes before the actual service time.

Where Are We Located?

The Good News Gathering Ministry Center is conveniently located just south of Hillsboro, Ohio at 6250 US 62 South,  Hillsboro, Ohio  45133.  We are next to and just south of Hillsboro High School.  Our phone number is (937) 393-5383.  Coming from the north, once you pass the high school entrance, start looking for our parking entrance on the left.  It's the next entrance after the high school entrance.

Coming from the south on US 62, if you see the high school on your right, you just passed us.

What Should I Wear?

You will see this all over our website and also hear us say "Come As You Are" and we mean it.  Wear whatever you want! We welcome jeans, t-shirts, ties, tuxedos…you get the idea. Really,... Come as you are!

What Happens When I Arrive?

As you pull into our parking lot entrance, you will see our friendly greeters in the parking lot. If the parking lot has a good amount of cars in it, they may direct you to an empty parking spot.

Once inside the atrium of the Ministry Center, greeters will meet you at the door with a hearty handshake and a smile and will be available to answer any questions,

To your right will be the Welcome Center Desk where you can get a new user information packet (with a free gift), information about the church, free weekly lesson series audio CDs or have them answer any questions you may have.

To your left would be the children's areas.  If you have children, you can read "What About My Kids?" below.

Once you are in the atrium, head over to the cafe at the far right of the atrium for some free juice, milk, coffee and donuts before the service begins.

Once you have enough coffee and donuts, if you like, take your beverage of choice with you as you enter the auditorium.  We have cup holders on the seats for your convenience (It's perfectly fine to drink your coffee during the service).  Pick one of our theater styled seats to sit in, sit back, relax, read the bulletin, fill out the connect card if you wish and wait for the Worship Band to start.

What Is The Service Like?

First of all, you won’t be pointed out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. You will have a meaningful, stress-free experience…and you’ll have a lot of fun.

Most services are as follows... Each service is about 75 minutes. The first 15 minutes of the service you’ll get to enjoy some modern contemporary worship music led by our Worship Band. We’ll have the words to each song up on the screen, so you can sing as much as you feel comfortable!

After a short session of announcements, we jump right into the day’s teaching. Each message is about 40 minutes long and takes eternal Biblical principles and applies them to your life in some very real and practical ways. And we’ll give you lesson outlines with all of the Bible verses we will be reading and a pen so you can take notes. So, you can review what you learned later in the week.

We don't pass an offering plate around so no stress there either.  You are free to enjoy your worship time.  

We then end with the Worship Band for about 10 minutes of worship music and singing.  You are then dismissed so you can go out to the atrium and mingle with others if you like or do whatever you need to do.

What About My Kids?

GKids and GStudents will be the BEST hour of your kid’s week! All children are invited to join us in a fun, safe, clean, interactive space where our team of trained volunteers create an environment your child will want to come back to every week!

We use a secure child check in system with kiosks located around the atrium.  When you check in your child, you will receive a receipt sticker that you will use to pick up your child after the service. On that receipt, you will also notice a four letter/number  code, which will appear on the screens in the main auditorium should your child need you during the service.

Our Connect Card

With a growing church, communication can become a challenge.  To help eliminate this issue, there are connect cards that come with your bulletin.  Have a question?  Want to make a comment?  Are you new and want to let us know you are here?  Fill out the connect card with your questions, comments and info and we will get back with you if you request.

We prefer that you put your name on the connect card...  And we promise that we will not show up at your door or call you unless you specifically ask us to.

If you are new to GNG, fill out your name and info and turn the connect card in to the Welcome Center and they will give you a free information packet with a free gift.

Have More Questions?

We covered a lot of information but was there something we forgot? Feel free to email us at info@goodnewsgathering.org or click here to fill out this short form if you need any more information. We hope to see you soon!