Interested in serving at GNG?  Complete our G-Serve Volunteer Inquiry Form.

It takes a lot to operate a church, and when a church grows, it takes a lot of volunteers.  Without our volunteers, we could not even open the doors on Sunday.  Due to the hundreds of people who graciously volunteer their time and talents, GNG has been able to be a difference-maker to those in our community and around the world.

Our many ministries, all operated by volunteers, are the backbone of GNG.  Ministries handle just about every function internal and external to GNG.  The parking lot crew, greeters, cafe, welcome center, children’s areas, ushers, custodial, publication, planning, sound, lighting, video, band, vocalists, extension, programming, set design, security.  The list of ministries is large and it takes a lot to staff them.

To learn more about all of ministries we have available, choose them from the menu to the right ‚ÄĒ> . ¬†We‚Äôre sure that when you are ready to serve that you will find the perfect ministry in which to volunteer.

What if I don’t like working for the ministry I signed up for?  No problem!  We don’t expect everyone to have a perfect fit the first time you sign up.  Sometimes you have to try out a pair of shoes before you know if they fit right. The same goes for volunteering.  Try it on and see how it fits.  You will be sure to find something that fits you soon.